Tuesday Tip: Go Somewhere New

Writing tips is a new category of posts here at Writerly Life that will be appearing every Tuesday. It’s a series of concrete tips for improving or kickstarting your writing. The tips that fall into this category are the sorts that you can do today or even right now, and they’re chosen to immediately re-vitalize your writing in some small (but meaningful!) way.

This week’s tip is:

Go Somewhere New

So many wonderful stories start the moment a character steps off the beaten path of his routine and strikes out in a different direction. This step can be just a different walk home or exploring a new continent; either way, it’s new less momentous. It’s about going on a quest, or noticing details about the world that you never knew before.

So today, pack a notebook and go out of your way. Whatever way you typically get home from work or go for a walk, try going a different way. If you ride public transportation, get off at a random station that you’ve never been to before, or even try riding to the end of the line. Turn down an alley you never noticed, or take the scenic route home. Or take the ugly route home, the way past all the factories on the outskirts of town. Go past a farm with cows, or past a neighborhood in your city that you never knew existed. Be a sponge. Soak up everything that is new and different here. The adventure of the unknown is the essence of story, so see if you can incorporate what you experience into your current writing project. It will inject your piece with a new uncertainty and freshness of observation.