New Year, New Writing Goals

Happy New Year!  I’ve allowed my writing to slip by the wayside a little during the holiday season, but now that the holidays are behind me I’ve been tearing up the old word processor lately, writing about two pages a day.  Some of that writing is typing up what I’ve written by hand, but at the very least I’m editing and refining it as I go, and usually adding whole paragraphs or pages.  I’m beginning to come up against some limitations, though, and that’s my lack of knowledge about my topic.  That’s why one of my big writing goals for the coming month is to research.  I’ve gotten some excellent books about Buddhism and I’m planning to go over them with a fine-tooth comb, as well as re-read some of my favorite college books on Buddhism.


What are my other writing goals?  To get back to my routine or either writing, editing, or taking notes every single day to create some quality content.  I’m back to feeling excited about the novel’s potential and to getting lost in thought about it over breakfast or while doing other things.  Luckily, I’m a college instructor, so I have most of January off.  Hurrah for the academic calendar!


A reading I gave of an early chapter of the novel at the excellent KGB bar in New York got a mention from Electric Literature’s blog!  Check it out and stay tuned for more news as the novel develops.