New story in Hayden’s Ferry Review

I’m so pleased to report that a story I wrote over a year ago, “That Thing You’re Thinking”, has found a home in the wonderful lit journal, Hayden’s Ferry Review. Be sure to check out their haunting, dreamlike new issue; I’m delighted to be a part of this journal.

I wrote this story while at the Byrdcliffe Artist’s Residency in Woodstock, New York. I was working hard on the first draft of my novel but also noodling away at some short stories at the same time. One of these story ideas had come to me while waiting for the train to go to work one morning, and the need to write it was so compelling that I tapped out the first few sketchy paragraphs on my cell phone. A few months later, I finally revisited those cell phone typings and turned it into a real story. Then a year after that, Hayden’s Ferry got in touch. It shows that patience is a virtue in the world of writing! 

You can also hear a little more about my process for writing this story at the Hayden’s Ferry Review blog. I’ve written a piece about the background of the story for their Contributor’s Spotlight series. Thanks, editors!