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It’s almost here, readers — THE DEVOTED will be available online and in bookstores on August 21st! It would mean a lot if you pre-ordered, on Amazon or at the Indie bookstore of your choice:
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Recent News about THE DEVOTED:

Booklist gave THE DEVOTED a starred review! Here’s an excerpt:
“Hurley’s debut is a breathtaking performance, portraying not just the ugly corners of an abusive relationship but also how faith can color the contours of our lives. With absolutely spot-on descriptions of Boston, this spellbinding story adds much-needed nuance to the discussion of faith and what we’re willing to forsake in the name of absolution.”

Library Journal picked THE DEVOTED as one of its Summer/Fall Best Reads and wrote “All lovers of great fiction with complex characters as well as anyone fascinated by narratives about religious cults will want.”

And THE DEVOTED is on the Center for Fiction’s longlist for its First Novel Prize!

I’m so excited to see the responses that have started coming in. And finally, I’ll be doing events this summer and fall in Boston, New York, Chicago, and beyond to launch The Devoted. Check back at my Events Page to see new events added. I hope to see you there!


AUGUST 21, 2018 / New York, NY
7pm: H.I.P. Lit Reading Series at Nowadays Bar

SEPTEMBER 5, 2018 / Toronto, ON
7pm: Reading at Ben McNally Bookstore

SEPTEMBER 12, 2018 / New York, NY
7pm: Reading and conversation with Darin Strauss at McNally Jackson Bookstore

SEPTEMBER 13, 2018 / Brookline, MA
7pm: Reading and conversation with Laura Van Den Berg at Brookline Booksmith

SEPTEMBER 22, 2018 / St. Louis, MO
Panel discussion at Bookfest St Louis

SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 / Providence, RI
Point Street Reading Series at Alchemy

SEPTEMBER 28, 2018 / Elkins Park, PA
8pm: Author Cabaret at St. Paul’s Elkins Park

SEPTEMBER 30, 2018 / Chicago, IL
2pm: Panel discussion at Storystudio Writers’ Festival

OCTOBER 1, 2018 / Chicago, IL
7pm: Reading and conversation with Rebekah Frumkin at Volumes Bookcafe

OCTOBER 12, 2018 / Princeton, NJ
6pm: Reading and conversation with Joyce Carol Oates, Rachel Lyon, and Lillian Li at Labyrinth Books

OCTOBER 13, 2018 / Boston, MA
Panel discussion with Sam Graham-Felsen, Yang Huang, and Fatima Farheen Mirza at Boston Book Festival

The Rising Rollercoaster of AWP

AWP! Each year that you attend this massive conference of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs, each year you crack open the wallet and plunge for the airfare to another city you’ve never visited, your emotions are taken on a wild climb, dip, and climb. For those of you unfamiliar, the thing that briefly took over the writerly corner of Twitter this week was an annual conference held in different cities each year for writers and all their ilk. It includes back to back panels led by publishers, agents, and writers, as well as a massive bookfair in which every literary magazine and MFA program under the sun has booths, tote bags, cheerful interns, and endless swag. It’s an exhilarating time for writers, particularly because we are a solitary lot, and it provides a time for socializing, boozing, and a healthy dose of motivation.

I’ve been twice now, and it can feel a bit like a ten-year high school reunion that’s held every year. The first year, in Boston, I was barely out of my MFA program and somewhat terrified at the idea of talking to anyone. I couldn’t imagine nosing my way into a conversation or confidently speaking about my work. I had business cards made up but ended up giving them to no one. The panels were informative but I don’t think I was fully ready to absorb much of their advice. What a change a few years makes!

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It’s been a hectic week, readers; I went to my first ever AWP, otherwise known as the yearly conference of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs. This year it was in Boston, so I could hardly miss this massive convocation of literary magazines, small presses, panel discussions, and readings by distinguished authors. Two arena-sized ballrooms at the Hynes Convention Center were entirely taken up by the hopeful endeavors of small presses and magazines; I found it enormously inspiring to walk among so many other eager writers and editors of writing, but also overwhelming. This was a three-day extravaganza of writing talk, but also three days of conflicting advice, of doomsaying, and of concern about the future of the writing life.

There was plenty to be hopeful about; for one, small magazines continue to thrive, with the help of the internet. On the other hand, many professional writers seemed increasingly frustrated about the financial dead ends that publishing your work for free online, or teaching as an adjunct with no sign of moving up, the only routes. There were roads through the forest — but they were few, and dangerous.

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Speaking at Utah Arts Conference

Big news, readers!  I’ve been picked to give a speech at the Utah Arts Council’s Annual Arts Conference! I’ll be leading a workshop entitled “The”, about the challenges (and positives) of being a connected, online writer, as well as giving tips for advancing your own career through the use of the online community.  The conference takes place on May 5 and has some truly inspiring speakers lined up, as well as ample opportunities for meeting fellow writers.  <p>


So if you find yourself in the vicinity of Salt Lake City in May, consider signing up and attending my talk!  You can learn more about registering here. I’m so excited that Writerly Life continues to grow, and I hope you all will continue to spread the word.